On linux, by default, even when you have multiple network interfaces, you can only have 1 default gateway. This wasn’t working out for me because I had traffic coming in from network 2 routed back to the originator through network 1 and dropped because return packets were coming from an unknown source. Using the old route tool, you are only able to specify a specific gateway for a specific network, but this wouldn’t work out because traffic from both network 2 and 1 came from the internet. We couldn’t segment on that. So what to do?

iproute2 to the rescue!

You can set up rules that traffic from a specific IP address on a specific interface is routed through a separate gateway than the default gateway. Here’s the code I used:

echo "1 rt2" >> /etc/iproute2/rt_tables
ip route add dev tun0 src table rt2
ip route add default via dev tun0 table rt2
ip rule add from table rt2
ip rule add to table rt2 is network 2. is the 2nd IP address on network 2. is network 2 gateway.

This should work without disrupting regular traffic on the default gateway. Only traffic received from the secondary NIC/IP will be routed to the secondary gateway.

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