Here is how I got zfs to share files on smb with no passwords (Note: I am on opensolaris snv_134)

Install the zfs cifs kernel package:

pfexec pkg install SUNWsmbs
pfexec pkg install SUNWsmbskr # this was already installed by default on my system

Reboot the system after this…

pfexec reboot

The service is disabled, let’s enable it.

$ svcs smb/server
STATE          STIME    FMRI
disabled       21:28:39 svc:/network/smb/server:default

$ svcadm enable -r smb/server # the -r recursively enables dependent services
# the following error message is fine.
svcadm: svc:/milestone/network depends on svc:/network/physical, which has multiple instances.

If you wish to join a certain workgroup (default is WORKGROUP):

smbadm join -w MyHome

Now let’s create the zfs file system:

pfexec zfs create -o casesensitivity=mixed -o nbmand=on rpool/storage

Let’s fix the permissions so that anyone and everyone could use access the file share:

pfexec chmod 777 /rpool/storage/
# must specify solaris chmod as GNU chmod does not know about solaris extended permissions

zfs set aclinherit=passthrough rpool/storage
zfs set aclmode=passthrough rpool/storage

pfexec /usr/bin/chmod -R A=everyone@:full_set:fd:allow /rpool/storage/

And let us make the share:

pfexec zfs set sharesmb=name=storage,guestok=true rpool/storage

Verify setup:

$ sharemgr show -v

Last step, map the windows guest user to a valid solaris account (if not, it’ll generate random UIDs):

pfexec idmap add winname:Guest unixuser:nobody

and the group too:

pfexec idmap add "wingroup:Domain Users" unixgroup:staff

Test the connection from another computer. Done! Thank you James, Simon, and Afshin for your help.

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